Sports Massage Specialists

Strong Massage isn’t a massage place or a spa that simply happens to offer sports massage amongst its menu of services. We are simply a Sports Massage place.

STRONG MASSAGE! strictly specialises in sports massages.

Our sports massage therapists are trained and have years of experience working with athletes at various levels of competition including our national athletes and triathletes who compete regionally.

Our clients come to us to perform better at their sports, not as a means of relaxation. Some of the top level athletes in Singapore for swimming, cycling and runningcsees us as part of the training regime. As part of the rehab musculo-skeletal specialists group, injury from wrongful massage is minimised.

STRONG MASSAGE!™ is a division of Core Concepts, a leading musculo-skeletal therapy specialist group in Singapore. Established in 2003, it is the largest leading physiotherapy group in Singapore

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